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1. When will TEDxKL 2016 be held?
TEDxKL 2016 will be held on August 20 (Saturday), 2016.

2. Where is the venue for TEDxKL 2016?
It will be held at Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Venue Address: Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • GPS Coordinates: 3.05022, 101.6798429

3. What is the best way to get to the venue?
We are big advocates of commuting via public transport. Therefore, you can opt to take the LRT (Light railway transit) to Bukit Jalil LRT Station. Please look out for the TEDxKL signages or our team members around the LRT station to guide you to the venue. You can also travel there by private transport or taxis. The keyword here is “carpool”!

4. Where do I park and how much are the fees?
There are limited parking lots in the convention centre. Parking lots are also available at the parking space opposite the venue, or at Bukit Jalil Stadium as shown in the map. Parking fees may range from RM 2 to RM 10 per day per entry. Therefore, carpool if you can.


1. How do I buy tickets for TEDxKL 2016
Tickets can be purchased online here: http://tedxkl2016.peatix.com/view
Regular ticket prices are RM120 each.

2. What do I get for the ticket price paid?
This is a not-for-profit event and the fees collected helps to lower the costs involved in securing the venue, food & beverages (tea breaks), the presenters’ travel expenses and accommodation, stage and venue setups.
As for the price of the golden opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and have your mind blown away by the presence of so many interesting people like yourself on an intimate, personal level; all in one room? Priceless.

3. Can I buy tickets at the door on the event day?
Yes, you can — walk-in tickets are priced at RM 150 per pax. Tickets are transferable, so if you are unable to attend, please do find a suitable benefactor to attend by emailing them your e-tickets through the option on the Peatix site. Tickets sold are not refundable.

4. I would like to buy tickets in bulk, so can I get a discount?
Every single contribution is important and highly appreciated in aid of reducing operational costs of the event. Bulk purchase discounts are only offered via our Supporting Partners’ program and not for the public.

5. Guest list
This is ONLY applicable to participants who have not provided all the names of their guests when buying bulk amounts of tickets. If you have already submitted the names, kindly ignore this.


1. What time will the event registration begin?
Event registration begins at 11 a.m. at Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil. Due to the large crowds expected, please come earlier so that we can start the event agenda on time at 1 p.m.

2. Why do I need to register for the event if I have already bought the tickets online?
Registration is required as we need to confirm your event ticket eligibility, provide you name tags and the event program.

3. What do I need to bring to register for the event?
Please bring along proof of the online ticket purchase, either through your mobile device or a printed copy of the ticket. Since we would like to go green, we encourage you not to print a hardcopy of the tickets, unless you have no choice.

4. What time will the actual event agenda start?
The actual event will start at 1 p.m. Please arrive earlier so that you will have enough time to register and take your seats (free seating) in the event venue by 1 p.m. More information on the detailed event agenda can be found here: http://tedxkl.com/agenda/

5. What other interesting activities are available apart from the speakers speaking at TEDxKL 2016?
There will be three main areas for exhibitions, breakout sessions and food & beverage for all attendees at Calvary Convention Centre. There will also be activities held throughout the whole day. Light food and beverages will be served during the two breaks.

6. Who are the speakers at TEDxKL 2016?
We are featuring a line-up of 12 amazing presenters from different fields, ranging from science to art and everything in-between! You can find more information on the speakers here: http://tedxkl.com/presenters-2016/

7. Will lunch be available before the event?
There will not be any lunch served. The two sessions of tea break meals are meant to be light stomach fillers only. Do be patient if the food & beverage provider serves slower than expected due to the large crowd and we hope you understand that good food takes time to prepare.

8. How can you benefit from TEDxKL?
TEDxKL is one of the best platforms for you to get exposed to new ideas, connect with global and local brands, and network with like-minded people. Use this opportunity to meet new friends and mingle with interesting people, network and exchange ideas!


1. Is it a free-seating event?
Yes, so do come early to secure your seats. With that being said, we like playing the “musical chairs mentality”. Move around every now and then and sit in different places. The prize is the chance to get to know the person in the next seat.

2. Can I take photos or record the talks?
Since we are recording the event, we do not allow recording of whole talks or flash photography in the hall which may distract the presenters. We have a video crew who will be recording the talks. However, if you’d like to take photos for memories or to share them on social media, please do so discreetly and remember to turn off all flashes.

3. Is smoking, food and drinks allowed in the event hall?
Smoking, food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the event hall. If you must smoke, there are designated areas for smoking outside of the venue area.

4. Are meals provided during the event?
There will be two sessions of tea breaks with simple food & beverages. Please refer to the event agenda for the timing of these breaks.

5. Where are the restroom facilities located? Are they disable-friendly?
There are restrooms located at numerous locations in the event area. Signboards will lead you to them. There are also toilets provisioned for the disabled.

6. Are there Muslim prayer rooms available at the venue?
There will be a designated prayer rooms at the Berjaya Club nearby. We will provide shuttle buses to the prayer rooms. Do look out for our friendly ambassadors to guide you to the shuttle buses.


1. What time will the event end?
The event will end at 6:30 p.m. onwards. However, this is only an approximate time and subject to change to the organisers’ discretion.

2. What happens after the event?
There will be light snacks served and an opportunity to network with other attendees before saying goodbye.

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